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What is the best solution for setting up dispensary online ordering

published on March 29, 2021
by James Hammer

Plenty of people have been rushing to get involved with the dispensary market. As more states continue to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, the business opportunity is endless. With the potential amount of revenue and sizable insatiable consumer demand, it is no wonder that cannabis has become a popular choice for upcoming entrepreneurs in recent years. In truth, the cannabis market value has been estimated to triple as of 2025 to over $30 billion. The popularity of CBD will increase even more.

Online ordering has become a vital part of any business out there. Setting up an online dispensary for online orders is a must in this line of business. That is especially true with Covid-19 still affecting people. Even without a lockdown, having an online dispensary will ensure your business can continue operation during worldwide events that could potentially happen.

It’s critical for any marijuana business to have an online menu available through the dispensary website because the demand for a convenient shopping experience has never been greater. The dispensary menu is only a piece of what makes a website excellent; it is still a step in the right direction.

Trying to find the right tools for your business can be overwhelming. However, using these software solutions will ensure you are capable of remaining on top of everything. For this article, we are going to go through the best solution for setting up a dispensary online ordering website.



Cova is a cannabis-specific POS system that is capable of automating complete retail compliance and is less likely to fail at what it was created to do. Implementing this solution in your dispensary will grant you control and insight into your business. Over the years, this solution has managed to support dispensaries by advancing their bottom lines and increasing their revenue.

Cova was created to make compliance a competitive advantage for your business. The system has a range of tools to aid you with avoiding common mistakes that could cost your retail business license.

Some of the compliance features you can expect from this solution include:

Age verification: Use a barcode scanner to scan customer IDs to verify their ages. A feature like this will ensure you do not commit any sales to any underage.

Hours of Operation: Marijuana dispensaries are only allowed to operate during a specific time frame. Cova’s feature will make sure that your business is opened and closed during the right time to avoid fines.

Purchase limits: Cova will automatically compute product equivalencies and notify employees if the required limit has been exceeded.

Cova has prided itself in providing access to accurate and real-time business information to provide influence decision-making. For example, the On The Go feature offers you an intuitive and customizable dashboard for insights no matter where you are. Cova offers a robust system for any one running a dispensary,



Carrot is a customer conversion and retention platform made for modern retail operators. Our solution can increase your margins and get more out of your customers with a single touchpoint for conversion engagement and retention. During the creation of this platform, we focused on three critical areas proven to increase retail revenue.

Increase average ticket size

Includes the best practices for developing promotions that increase value for retail operators and customers. Carrot allows you to track and grow customer lTV with complete purchase history and a tiered reward program. You can also configure order minimums for delivery, curbside, and express pickup.

Increase total orders

Carrot offers targeted promotions that customers engage with and are easy for your team to create. You can create targeted text campaigns based on their rich customer histories. It comes with an integrated cross-platform live chat to swiftly answer questions and close sales. Plus, it offers curbside, delivery, and express pickup enhances convenience and flexibility for customers.

Increase profit margin

Carrot reduces the turnaround time and operational overhead with consolidated order fulfillment workflows. The product design transforms best-in-class SOP into plug-and-play workflows that are easy to implement and learn. You also get live eCommerce inventory and customer communication tools that will reduce canceled orders and improve order accuracy.

Our platform is designed to assist you with controlling the narrative of your customer experience by optimizing how you engage, serve and retain customers. We pay the same close attention to the backstage of your business. We make sure to quickly react to the way the market shifts without ever sacrificing usability for both customers and business.



With ten years of industry experience and over 20,000 users, Biotrack is one of the most seasoned POs solutions for dispensaries. Biotrack was made for tracking cannabis seed-to-sale operations, help with compliance and accurate data reporting. Some of the feature that makes Biotrack stand out from the rest are:

Cultivation Operation Management

With Biotrack, you will be able to monitor cannabis from the moment it has been planted. With regards to cultivation operations management, this solution will streamline the cultivation process and grant you the vital fact points for improving yields and profitability.

Furthermore, the solution assists you by tracking thousands of plans right from the POS system. The intuitive cultivation grid of the software helps you log strain notes as well. That ability makes it more convenient for you to monitor these cultivation factors as clone potency and genealogy.

Purchase Limits

A compliance regulation that every dispensary needs to observe is the purchase limit regulation. The state regulation allows a maximum amount of marijuana to be sold to an individual per day, which varies from state to state. Since you will most likely offer a variety of cannabis products in your dispensary, this can be a challenge to monitor, especially during busy work hours. To ensure you remain compliant with the state, Biotrack POS shall automatically track limits according to equivalency and type.

Customer Profiles

Biotrack allows you to build customer profiles to capture and store relevant customer information on the system. With these profiles, you will be able to gather such information as purchase history, medical preferences, reward points, and distinctive preferences of every customer to your dispensary.

With this valuable information, it will become easy for your team to offer personalized services to your customers. Furthermore, you can also use this customer information to send out customized promo campaigns and offers.



Greenbits offers you compliance features for customer engagement and management capabilities. This solution is considered to be well-rounded for dispensaries.

Greenbits’ system has been proven to be robust, accurate, and reliable. With this solution, every transaction in your business will be automatically tracked. As you dive deep into this solution, you will notice how easy it is to use. Plus, it is jam-packed with a horde of capabilities you will find beneficial in your cannabis dispensary.

Quick transaction

As your business expands, you will gain more customers in your dispensary each day. When this occurs, you should not keep them in long queries waiting to be served. In this situation, a system that processes transactions swiftly and precisely will come in handy.

Greenbits is capable of providing a quick sales transaction experience. Your employees will be able to service customers promptly and improve the customer experience in the business overall. Furthermore, the system makes it possible for you to rig up sales and engage with customers while making sure the line moves smoothly.

Straightforward online menus

Greenbits can also automatically publish online menus. The system can automatically publish such menus as Leafly, Weedmaps. That is vastly beneficial for the business as it allows the customer to be aware of when their favorite product is available.

Inventory and Reporting Tools

These two can be considered the most crucial features for a dispensary POS system, as far as compliance is concerned. The solution features an assortment of tools to track and inform you of inventory levels, all in real-time. Flexibility is another thing you will enjoy about this system.

The robust reporting tool offered by Greenbit is incredibly flexible. As such, you can personalize the reports to display the data you are looking for more precisely. Furthermore, the system is capable of printing the various reports it develops.



IndicaOnline is a provider known for being robust and versatile POS hardware along with excellent dispensary POS features. The software was made to streamline the operations, improve efficiency and enhance your overall bottom line while meeting compliance requirements.

Some features that you should be aware of for this system include:

Physician and Patient Verification

IndicaOnline is one of the few cannabis-specific POS systems that allow seamless integration with the state medical board. The integration makes it possible and relatively seamless for you to verify physicians. To pull this off, you only need to type in the doctor’s license number into the system.

If the doctor is certified by the state medical board, the POS shall display the license issue and expiration dates, along with the doctor’s current status. Likewise, the system also offers easy and reliable patient verification in your dispensary. In this case, IndicaOnline is connected to some of the popular online verification vendors. During the verification process, the system will display such patient details as physician status, patient recommendations, and real-time updates.

Offline Sales Mode

Essentially, no service can offer you 100% uptime. With that said, you need to be prepared for potential outages every once in a while. In this regard, the best dispensary POS system should feature an offline mode. Along with allowing you to process transactions offline, this feature was also updated to include other capabilities.

Your employees will be able to access and make real-time adjustments on inventory and customers/patient databases while offline. Furthermore, the system is currently able to process walk-in orders and payments in its offline mode. As such, your business can continue as per usual whenever an online outage occurs.


MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway offers you one of the best seed-to-sale, cloud-based POS systems for cannabis dispensaries. First off, this solution was designed for retail, wholesale, cultivation, manufacturing, and delivery cannabis businesses. The system is practically developed for tracking, manufacturing, developing, and selling cannabis.

Some the specific features you will see when using MJ Freeway include:


As one of the most popular cloud-based POS solutions, MJ Freeway enables you to monitor and manage the dispensary remotely. With this system implemented in your business, you and your team can gather data, view information, and receive tasks from any device, regardless of location.

With the staff being free from the counter, the solution has proven to enhance efficiency in cannabis dispensaries. For enhanced mobility, this solution is developed to support a cannabis delivery business model as well.

The provider is also known for offering a test-in-class delivery technology for cannabis businesses. The MJ Freeway platform does not require an App, integration, or website to offers the mobility you are entitled to.

Data Collection

The MJ Freeway PIS platform primarily connects your business across multiple areas and systems. That offers you a comprehensive overview of the entire business across unique territories and states. Data accumulated by the system can be viewed in three different ways, such as in predictive future, real-time, and past trends.

The platform offers you a clear understanding of various business aspects, such as customer count, daily sales totals, available inventory, along with gross revenue and profit.



FlowHub is a compliance and POS solution designed ro cannabis dispensaries in the US. The software offers an all-in-one platform that concentrates strongly on POS and inventory management. It is also capable of integrating with Metric to assist you with remaining compliant with automate state traceability reporting.

This POS was made for dispensary owners who want everything in their own way. The POS is customizable, allowing you to set up in a way that meets your needs. You can also limit the amount of areas your employees have access to, such as daily reports. Remaining up to date with record keeping is easy.


The NUG is a mobile scanner device with applications for audits, check-ins, and transfers. The option is meant to assist with managing employee time better when it comes to inventory management. You Scan IDs’ using mobile NUg to check-in authenticated customers to your POS queue. Security flag, ID and valid age verification, and document uploads are also available.

Documents and reporting

CVS files can be uploaded as a way of generating a product listing. This feature is one that can be easily picked up by your employees. Veterans and new budtenders alike will value the simplicity offered by this POS. Business owners will appreciate the ability to report earnings and compliance information each day with a convenient Metric integration.



Every dispensary needs to have a robust solution that offers them the best feature for conducting their business. The marijuana business is strict with regulations and can lead to severe issues if not managed appropriately. These solutions should be capable of offering you the tools you need to remain compliant and in operation.

Each Of these solutions offers its own set of features that are very helpful in the long run. However, you need to choose the one that is capable of meeting the needs of your business. Not every dispensary is the same, after all. Take a careful look at your dispensary and note down what meets your needs the best.